2-in-1 Stainless Steel Manual Pepper/Salt/Spice Mill Grinder

Add a great, modern and a high end touch to your kitchen and dining room table with wonderful 2-in-1 Stainless Steel Manual Pepper/Salt/Spice Mill Grinder. It is very stylish and fits in with any meal decor. The item is so very easy to use, is not affected by humidity like regular salt and pepper shakers. Very good quality and useful in the kitchen, a simple and easy twist livens up any meal.

2-in-1 stainless steel manual pepper/salt/spice mill grinder


2 in 1, the perfect salt and pepper mill, is an unavoidable item for your kitchen, looks good as well as it saves some keeping space. Innovative pepper mill dispenses spice with speed and ease. Adjusting the screw tightness can control the grinding fineness. Material: stainless steel/ acrylic/ ceramic core. Colour: sliver.

Is Uses

The both ends are for grinding, you can use at the same time to grind two spices. Suitable for milling pepper and other small sized spices, ideal gadget to make fresh pepper powder spice and enjoy a tasty steak or salad.

How to Use

When you open the lid of the grinder you will see the rotatable adjustment switch. Open the grinder to refill the spices by rotating, when done rotate it again for grinding. Charging: just unscrew the top of the stainless steel rotate button and put some pepper into the stock bin. Adjustment: to adjust the thickness of the milled power, rotate switch at the top of the mill. For grinding, rotate the top cover of the mill.

How to clean

Stainless steel items should be regularly cleaned using safe means, easy to fill and clean. They should be kept clean and keep your appliances shining all through, Simple assembly and disassembly for easy cleaning.


  • Stainless steel/acrylic: great definition and stability.
  • Ceramics core: high hardness, corrosion resistant.
  • Bottom rotary switch: it can adjust thickness of the milled powder.
  • Enjoy cooking time: convenient and fast milling.


Adding a modern and high end touch to your counter and dining table with this sleek 2 in 1 stainless steel manual pepper salt spice mill grinder! This space saving design combines two shakers in one, a tight seal and stainless steel dust caps keeps you seasonings hygienically fresh and moisture free. A simple and easy twist can livens up any meal; the perfect adjustable grinder allows you to choose from very course seasoning to a finer grind. You may want to check price on Triple-clicks: 2-in-1 stainless Steel Manual Pepper/Salt/Spice Mill Grinder.

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