5-Piece Stainless Steel BBQ Tool Set

Have you ever thought of transforming from a mere backyard cook? With this 5 heavy duty Stainless Steel BBQ Tool Set, you can become a celebrated grill master. This quality set comes with everything any good cook needs for a successful cook out.

BBQ stainless steel tool set

Stainless steel BBQ set are more durable than wood alternatives as they will not crack after extended use. This 5-piece stainless steel BBQ tool set features steel barbecue tongs, spatula, BBQ fork, grill brush and a basting brush. This product is of good quality and much cheaper and better than any other products you could find at your local grocery store, nice thick metal and long lasting too.

This excellent BBQ sets are good for outdoor grill. The set is covered in silicone so while grilling, the equipment is not hot, also the equipment is long enough so while flipping food, you do not get burnt.

High Quality Stainless Steel

Made of food grade durable stainless steel BBQ tool set is rust free and long lasting with non-slip thermoplastic rubber handles to provide you the most comfortable cooking experience. With a heavy duty aluminium case, you can easily store this BBQ set between uses and ensure each tool is neatly organised.

Complete Set Functions

This 5-piece BBQ grilling tool set includes tongs, spatula, barbecue fork, grilling brush and a basting brush. All the essentials you need to make the perfect meal for your family and friends. The case also makes it easy to take these tools on the go to picnics, while camping, tailgating and more. Each BBQ tool is made from high quality stainless steel which is rust resistant for long lasting reliability.

Easy Cooking and Storage

Easily season steaks with the basting brush flip hot dogs or burgers the spatula or tongs, handle any type of food with the heavy duty grilling tongs that have a serrated edge for cutting or flip hamburger patties with the wide slotted spatula that also features a serrated edge Tool handles are equipped with loops for easy hanging and storage that can also be used for bottle openers. Spatula has built in bottle opener, grab your beer while barbecuing.

Easy Clean Up

Easy cooking and clean up is the name for this 5-piece stainless steel BBQ tool set with non- slip handles is easy to clean up after every use. Heavy duty brush is included to clean your grill.


Spatula 8.8cm wide, 20.3cm long

Fork 2.8cm wide, 17.9cm long

Tong 2.5cm wide, 20.0cm long

Basting brush 3.6cm wide, 16.0cm long

Grill brush 6.1cm wide head, 9.4cm long


With handle loops for easy hanging after feast is over, this BBQ tool set is ideal for a perfect gift for any avid griller or cook. These sleek looking cooking utensils are durable stainless steel with black plastic handles that include hanging rings and bottle opener for convenience, organization and entertaining.

Get the right tool and your BBQ cooking experience will never be the same with this professional heavy duty stainless steel BBQ tool set. The ultra large spatula is perfect to flip your burgers and wide enough to serve as a fish turner. You will not feel the heat from the grill when using the extra long BBQ fork, the easy grip BBQ tongs is the perfect utensil when it is time to cook steaks or shish kebabs or checking the doneness of your favourite meats with the look stainless steel grill brush. The easy to clean silicone head basting brush will help to keep your meals moist while cooking on the BBQ, a must when you want to create delicious piece of roast or poultry. Way much better quality but same price with those you could locally find.

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