Best Cupcake Pancake Batter Dispenser- Easy Pour Kitchen Tool

Cupcake Dispenser

You can now dispense the perfect amount of batter every single time with a quick-release handle for instant shut off when you pour, you will feel confident, neat and tidy and best of all you won’t feel like you are wasting a huge portion of your precious cupcakes, waffle or pancake mix with the cupcake batter dispenser pancake cookie cake muffins batter dispenser kitchen easy pour kitchen tool a must-have in the kitchen. A must-have to all cupcake, pancake lovers, no drips runs or errors. From cupcakes to pancakes and beyond, you can use this amazing cupcake dropper and food dispenser to dispense waffles, muffin mix, cake, cookies, doughnuts and lots more.

Maybe you will be able to use this professional versatile kitchen appliance in your home apart from those I’ve mentioned. It is time-saving and your kids can also use it or you both use it to create fun in the kitchen, it gives the kids confidence the kitchen. Here you finally have it, the kitchen utensil that saves time, mess and frustration, plus your search for the one perfect cupcake dispenser is finally over.

The struggle is real, keeping a consistent size for your cupcakes, pancakes, funnel cakes and other baked goods can be a hassle to the untrained eye but now with this cupcakes pancakes batter dispenser just easily pull the trigger handle count to two and move on. Safe to use and easy to clean, just wash it by hand and let it dry is then ready for another use.

Product Description

Cupcake Dispenser

The batter dispenser will dispense the perfect amount of batter; you just position and pull the handle for quick and easy dispensing. Great for cupcakes, muffins, pancakes, waffles and more, designed with a stylish purple finish, this is the perfect addition to any baker’s kitchen. This batter dispenser is designed with a wide mouth opening making filling it up a little wind and quick close valve makes pouring the perfect cupcake as a pro seems like a child’s play.

With the cupcake dispenser, you don’t have to worry about cleaning batter, simply pour in your batter of choice and you are well on your way to creating perfectly portioned baked goods and desserts in no time. This dispenser with measuring label has 900 ml capacity which is 4 cups in all. This kitchen gadget is perfect for a cupcake mix, dough mix, cake mix, pancake mix, muffin mix, brownie mix and waffle mix.

 Easy to Use

Simply fill the wide opening dispenser with batter and pull the quick release to release the batter from the opening. Just fill it up with your cupcake or pancake mixture then press the small lever to open the spout, you can control the big of pancakes or fill pancake maker, crepe maker, silicone baking liners, cupcake maker, cupcake carrier, cake pop maker, doughnut pan, pancake pan, cupcake liners, brownie pan, waffle makers, mini cupcake silicone decorating kit.

Perfect Amount

Cupcake batter dispenser neatly deposits the perfect amount of batter every time. Just put the well-mixed batter into the dispenser and pull the handle until a desired size of the mixture is poured to your pan or baking cup, making your baking experience clean and hassle-free.

Cupcake Dispenser

Dispenser Usefulness

Waffles, muffins, brownie mix, and even pizza sauce, all fit perfectly through this cupcake pancake dispensing value, offering you the fantastic versatility to use your imagination and be in control of your bakery mixes on your griddle and waffle iron. If the batter is too thick, just add a little of extra liquid and it will work perfectly. This cupcake accessory also supplies an easy pull trigger handle grips system. Who knew that a cooking utensil so simple would end up being this useful.


The baking activities are taken to the next level of fun with cupcake batter dispenser pancake cookie cake muffins batter dispenser easy pour kitchen tool. Whether you are having a bake off with friends, preparing for a bake sale or connecting with your children, this batter dispenser will make the experience very lively and memorable. Present this baking supply to baking accessories lovers, cooking chefs, house wives, doughnut lovers, pancake lovers, cupcake lovers, and bakery masters.

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