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Buying an electric skillet is a great idea because there are so many different aspects of cooking that one has to take care of, this is why an electric precise can really stand you in good stead. With an electric skillet, you can experiment with new meals and cook faster than you have ever done before. If you want to buy an electric skillet and you don’t know where to start, I will suggest that you take a close look at the Electric Precise Heat 16 rectangular “stainless steel electric skillet—- a model that stands high on the popularity chart.

If you don’t have any access to stovetops, electric skillet could be the best alternative for you. This handy kitchenware evenly heats just like any regular skillet without an external source of heat. This skillet can be used to cook huge food, everything from pancakes, eggs, pasta dishes can be whipped up in the pan and many deep-dish models can double up as self-warming serving dish.

Therefore, it will not be a bad idea if you go through this Electric Precise heat 16 rectangular inches stainless steel skillet review. It will give a fair idea as to whether you should buy this kitchen appliance or select another. The precise heat is absolutely incredible and meets all your expectations and it also has some great features that you will like. The precise heat 16 rectangular T304 stainless steel electric skillet is the one kitchen appliance you will find yourself using again and again.

Electric Precise Heat

Product Description

Use as an extension of your stove and prepare meals anywhere there is an electric outlet. The precise heat 16’ rectangular T304 stainless steel electric skillet is the one kitchen appliance you find yourself using again and again. Large cooking surface allows for cooking multiple foods at once. The stainless steel cover keeps your food warm after cooking and it also protects the skillet during storage.  For safety, the electric skillet has non-slip feet and durable insulated handles; adjustable temperature control allows you to control the cooking temperature at a glance.

Because this is an electric skillet so the food will cook evenly, stay juicy and be delicious. It should be noted that the feet are non-slip to make sure that cooking with it is as safe as possible. The handles are insulated and are durable as the rest of the skillet; the lid is stainless steel and should help keep your meals warm for a while.

16-inch electric skillet size makes it ideal for all types of cooking by giving you enough space to prepare all your food in one go. For big families, this is a good investment. Its stainless steel ensures your skillet will serve you longer without flaws.

Insulated handles

When cooking from this versatile device, the handle insulation ensures to protect your hands from getting burnt in the process, even when the temperatures are high you still can lift it without using a washable cloth to hold it. The insulation is also resistant to heat therefore ensuring that it serves you for long.

Temperature control

With the diversity in cooking recipes, the temperature control system that is adjustable gives you the privilege to set your temperatures based on what you are cooking. You don’t have to be worried about overcooking or undercooking your food. You have the chance to control your cooking temperature on specific recipes after you cook your food partially you can put on the lid to maintain the moisture and make your food much more delicious than ever.

Big size

This electric skillet has a perfect size; you can easily cook small meals for yourself or large meals for the whole family. Don’t be discouraged by its size it is very light. You can simply pick it up and transport it to the kitchen without any problems.


This electric skillet is super-duper durable. You can be sure that it will take years and years, and you don’t need to get a new one soon. You can use this product for a very long time; you and your family are definitely going to benefit from this extraordinary product.

How to care for your electric skillet

After you have bought the electric skillet, you won’t want anything to ruin it. You want to ensure that you keep it looking good even after years of use. As such, there are few tips you should use that will keep your skillet looking great and wonderful.

Use of wooden utensils

In most cases, the coating used to make the skillets is not permanent. In this case, using metallic utensils risk scraping the electric skillets non-stick feature from the pan you have bought all together, scraped utensils also do not look great at all.


Precise heat, it is the ideal size for catering to larger families and households. Thanks to its non-slip feet, the skillet will stay firmly in place on the countertop, allowing you to get on with the business of cooking safely and securely. The skillet is also equipped with an adjustable thermostat so you can easily cook a huge variety of dishes without the fear of burning or undercooking. When you are done the cooking, a set of cool-touch handles make it easy to carry to the table while a stainless steel lid helps to keep the food warm and fresh.

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