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Whether you entertain often or thanksgiving is the only time you invite people an overall year, you need, you will need a roasting pan that will help deliver the juiciest, flavorful entrée. An essential piece of cookware for family dinners, parties and holiday celebrations, the Cuisinart roasting pans are designed to hold turkeys, chickens, and large roasts. Riveted stainless steel handles make placing the roaster into the oven and lifting them out safe and hassle-free, solid stainless steel racks allow heat to circulate and let meat or poultry drain as it cooks.

Roasting pans are made from a variety of different materials. This gleaming roasting pan with rack is made from high-performance stainless steel and large enough to handle a big thanksgiving turkey and perfect for slow roasting vegetables. A sturdy rack with handles allows fat to drain off food and makes removing items easy.


Roasting pan with rack

Product Description

An essential piece of cookware for family dinners, parties and holiday celebrations, the Cuisinart 16-inch roaster is designed to hold a turkey, chicken or large roast, riveted stainless steel handles make placing the roaster into the oven and lifting it out safe and hassle-free. The solid stainless steel rack allows heat to circulate and lets meat or poultry drain as it cooks. The roaster is dishwasher-safe and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. A good roasting pan can prove to be a valuable investment, if you take cooking seriously or have a passion for cooking then a roasting pan can be an essential piece of kitchenware that deserves a place in your kitchen collection.

Whether you are hosting large dinners for friends or family during the holiday season, you will require a roasting pan for smoking a chunk of meat for your summer barbecue party, if you absolutely have no idea about the investment choices that you need to be making.

What to look for in a roasting pan

There are a lot of considerations to keep in mind while looking for a roasting pan. If you are in the mood to explore more options, then you should keep in mind the factors to consider before buying the best roasting pan available in the market. This guide will assist you in shortlisting the perfect roaster for your kitchen.


Roasters are made from a variety of materials and each will cook your foods slightly different and require different methods of care. Stainless steel models are durable but are not easiest to clean. Some pans have a nonstick surface that helps with cleanup but in those cases, you have to be careful with the utensils you use to avoid scratching the surface. Some are disposable so you do not have to worry about cleanup at all.


When thinking about what size roasting pan you need, consider what type of food you want to roast. If you like to cook up a huge turkey for the holidays you will need a large pan but if you are going to roast chickens, vegetables and other smaller dishes, the smaller pan will work just fine for you. You should also consider how much storage space you have. Size always matters when it comes to cookware especially if it will go inside the oven. Make sure to take measurements before looking at the different available racks in the market. Measure the interiors of your oven and your roasting pans so you can be sure that the rack you will get will fit inside them.


Every piece of cookware has to be very durable as it will be subjected to high heat and hold a lot of weight. These prove true of roasting racks as well, especially if you intend to cook large chunks of meat in them. Pay close attention to the materials used as well as the construction; this can help you determine the durability of the item. Look for the ones made with heavy-gauge steel so you can be sure that it will be able to handle the weight and high heat it will be exposed too.

Look for substantial weight but easy to manoeuvre

One of the biggest challenges in roasting large portions of food is the fact that you have to carry them from one point to another; they can also weigh a lot so you have to make sure that the cookware you get is sturdy enough for the task.

roaster with rack


Does with handles

Some racks have handles while others do not have, it is entirely up to you which one you want to go for as you might have your own choices when it comes to handling the food you cooked. However, if you are using roasting pans, lift-out racks with handles will prove to be very useful to you, they can help you take out the meat without a struggle.

Easy to clean

A lot of people think twice when it comes to using roasting racks because they are quite hard to clean. The design of this item tends to make cleanups challenging so some people choose to opt-out. You can go for products with nonstick coating or silicone racks that can guarantee fuss-free cleanups. Also, the fact that it is likely that you won’t make a roasted dish every day should also assure you that you do not have to worry too much about washing a roasting rack.

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