Diva’s Simplest tips to Make the Best Cupcakes

Cupcakes are individual cake loved nationwide. They can be frost, sprinkles; mix with different flavour, these favourable treats gives a personal sweet touch with different decor and design. They are perfect desserts made in a muffin tin and are topped with frosting.

Cupcakes and muffins are strikingly similar but their taste and texture are quite different. Cupcakes are usually good choice for children’s birthday parties but it has lately upscale and start to appear as dessert menus in restaurants, weddings, showers, and dinner parties.











Baking soda


Things you’ll need are:

Large bowl

Regular size muffin pan

Paper baking cups

One quart sauce pan



  • Collect all your ingredients for cupcakes.
  • Preheat oven. Place paper baking cups in 24 regular size muffin cups.
  • Use a quart saucepan to heat one cup of butter, three tablespoons of baking cocoa and water for boiling.
  • Remove from the heat and pour into your flour mixture, mix to combine, add vanilla bourbon, eggs, buttermilk and baking soda. Mix well and fold in chopped pecans. Put the batter equally in the muffin cups, fill them tow third full.
  • Bake for about 25—30 minutes.

Ingredients for frosting

Powdered sugar




Cocoa powder

Heat butter, milk and baking cocoa in one quart saucepan to simmer. Remove from heat and add powdered sugar and bourbon. Warm icing over warm cupcakes and top with pecan halves.

No cupcake is truly complete without a generous frosting on top. There are many options to top your dessert. These include whipped frosting, cream cheese or creamy frosting, including homemade butter-cream frosting.


Resist the urge to peek

Cupcakes maybe exciting and all that but never let that triumph over you. Do not open the oven continually to check their progress. If you slam the oven to open or close towards the start cooking, that can cause fragile air bubbles in the batter to burst and you may end up with a dense cake. The gluten and fat molecules in the batter are what help the cupcakes set and maintain its fluffy and light structure. Before you introduce air in the atmosphere give those molecules awhile to set before introducing any form of air to the atmosphere.

Avoid leaving the cupcakes in the pan

Allow cupcake to cool for few minutes in their baking pans then you remove it, cause the heat from the pan make them to be over cooked, and make them dry. Gently shake the pan using a potholder. Never frost your cupcakes when is still warm, even a tiny bit of warm from the cupcake can melt your frosting.

Frost the cupcake to retain moisture

Dry cupcakes are never fun, when you frost cupcakes the frosting acts like light seal to help them retain their moisture for long. Cover the whole exposed top of the cupcake with frosting as best as you can, especially when you are baking for events.


How to decorate cupcakes

Apart from their irresistible taste, one of the most enticing reasons to make cupcake is because they are easily customizable. You can change the colour, flavour for frosting, add sprinkles or crystals, pipe or spread the frosting and so on.

The needful to decorate cupcakes:

  •  Decorating bags or pastry. You can use reseal able food storage plastic bag and snip a small corner off to create a piping bag.
  •  A decorating tip set with different sizes and shapes.
  •  Food colours available in liquid paste or gel.
  •  A wide variety of premade decors made from sugar including hearts, stars, flowers and many more decorative shapes.
  •  Assorted coloured sugar, glitters, edible and pearls.
  • Assorted candy sprinkles in a wide variety of shapes and colours

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