Healthy Snacks: Necessary Food Items Eaten Between Meals.

Eating a healthy snack in between meal helps curb your hunger so that you do not rush your dinner when you finally sit down to eat. Snacking can also help you get all the best nutrient you need. Grazing all the day on food with little or no nutrient value is not healthy.

Snacks are of different forms and processed in a different manner. Snacks may come as packaged food or made easily at home from fresh ingredients. Snacks are prepared to be portable, less perishable and more durable. Snacks may be made to be more appealing through the use of ingredients like peanuts, special flavors and chocolate. Snacks can be eaten during bedtime and may also be consumed along with beverages {e.g. coffee and tea}.

Food items which are not packaged properly may be contaminated if sold by street vendors, hence the need to learn making it by oneself with readily available fresh ingredients at home. It is also good to avoid snacks with high calorie and other low nutrient junk food. Bodies such as Health Canada recommend the consumption of healthy natural snacks such as fruit, vegetables and nuts.

Types of Healthy Food Snacks

1. Cookies

2. Mixed fruits

3. Potato chips

4. Yoghurt

5. Apple slices

6. Crackers

7. Sliced fruits

8. Popcorn

9. Muffins

10. Ice- cream

11. Peanuts

Choosing your snacks

When you are to choose your snack, do not just go for what is always sweet in your mouth but make sure you choose those with protein, fiber and fat, all those nutrients take much longer time to digest so they get you all filled-up. Good healthy snacks are wonderful ways to add more extra nutrient to your days.

Advantages of healthy food snacks

Healthy snacks promote more sustained blood sugar levels and energy; healthy snacks can be of a great advantage. Some health benefits are:

1. Increased nutrients in the body.

2. Regaining of energy stores after work.

3. Recovering of muscles after exercising.

Disadvantages of junk snacks

Snacking on junk food can have great disadvantage such as weight gain and other health problems. Most problems with snacks at night is that many choose chips and ice-cream instead of fruits, that does not mean that you won’t give yourself a treat after dinner. One important thing is, if you are still hungry after dinner always make sure your meals are made of healthy food and getting enough food. If you love evening snacks make sure you don’t eat straight from the container. Turn it in a plate.


It is Important to know the right amount of snacks to consume as even healthy snacks could have side effects when too much is consumed.

Easily prepared snacks and their nutritional value will be covered in series of the subsequent posts on the unique caterer website. The health and satisfaction of our readers is our priority.

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