How to Make Homemade Cashew Butter Recipe

A boring meal can easily become interesting with a spoonful of cashew butter.  This easy homemade cashew butter recipe makes the best creamy, smooth cashew butter. There is nothing quite like making your own homemade cashew butter, it is mysteriously satisfying and so rewarding, the flavour of homemade cashew butter is extra nutty, flawlessly creamy and  is super fresh. Like most nut butter, cashew butter contains unsaturated fats; these fats are necessary for your body and can also be included in your daily diet.

Since this cashew butter recipe only includes a few ingredients, let’s talk about the equipment you will need. There are several options but preferable a food processor or heavy duty blender would do. If you use a food processor, you will just need to stop every 5 to 6 minutes to scrape the sides then you continue. The cashew butter will be very warm from the heat of the motor, you do not have to worry, and it will thicken once cooled in the freezer. If you are using raw nuts, you might want to add a little oil during the last five minutes of blending; it helps smooth out the batter. Roasted nuts will not need the additional oil.

cashew butter

Why homemade cashew butter

As convenient as it can be to go out and pick up a jar of store-bought cashew butter, knowing what goes inside your cashew butter is amazing, plus it’s creamy cashew butter recipe taste better and it’s cheaper to make than most natural cashew brands. Even if you are not a fan of smooth cashew butter, you can easily make your own crunchy cashew butter using blender in less time by leaving a few chunks, switch up the flavours with what you have in your pantry and depending on what you add, this creamy nut butter is also gluten free, sugar free, paleo and can fit into a low ccarb keto diet.

Learn how to make homemade cashew butter with just one ingredients, it is easy, creamy, delicious and oil-free and takes just few minutes to make. Use it in baking cookies or in savoury sauces or soups, it gives the best flavour and creamy texture. Cashew butter is a great alternative to peanut butter or almond butter and it is simple to make. You can make it plain with just cashews or you can go for a fancier flavour by mixing it with maple syrup, cinnamon, vanilla powder or other flavours. Cashews are actually seeds from the cashew apple but we call them nuts because of their flavour and texture that is similar to other nuts.

How to make cashew butter

Roast the cashew: For more flavour, roast the cashew before blending. Roasting also helps the nuts to blend up quicker, be sure to allow the nuts to cool down before processing otherwise; the concentrated oils may cause your blender or food processor to overheat.

Add nuts to high speed blender or a food processor: Add the roasted cashews to a blender or a food processor to blend, if you make a lot of your own cashew butter or other nut butters, investing in a high-speed blender it can save you a lot of time since it works much faster.

Process it: You will notice that the nuts will go through various stages before it turns to smooth and creamy nut butter.

Crumby texture: You will first notice that the nuts will look like crumbs. Then they will start clumping up into a ball, keep processing and the clump will break down and start to turn into a gritty paste. Finally, the nut butter will get smooth and spreadable and you will end up with creamy homemade cashew butter.

To store cashew butter

Homemade nut butter can simply be stored by transferring it to an airtight container or a glass jar with a lid and store in the refrigerator. Homemade cashew butter will keep in the refrigerator for up to a month. The other benefit to making your own cashew butter is you know exactly how fresh it is.cashew butter



Cashew butter is a nutrient rich nut; it is believed that cashew butter lacks the omega 3 fatty acids though this may be true, it is a folly believes that cashew butter is of no good. Cashew butter comes enriched with proteins, vitamin E, calcium, iron, riboflavin and more. It contains balanced amount of oleic that our bodies require, a spoonful of cashew butter can make your meal nutritious and dense. They are helpful in fighting the development of cholesterol levels in the body, protecting you from cardiac arrests, cashew butter may have less protein as compared to peanut butter but is still regarded a good source of protein.

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