Microwave Steamer

Preparing your food in the best way that provides high efficiency and saves you time so that you can deliver the most delicious meals means that you need to have the best and functional kitchen appliances. One of the most reliable kitchen equipment that you need in your kitchen is the microwave steamer, it is designed to help you in steaming vegetable and other foods that you need to prepare effectively so that your family can enjoy. Frequently people will confuse steaming and pressure cooking. However, these methods are not similar in any way.

The main difference is in the fact that the boiling water has nothing to do with the food when you are steaming as it does with pressure cooking. Steaming is not only nutritious but it is also very easy if you have the right steamer. Most at times, steamers are either made of metal or bamboo and the lid of steamers are fixed tightly such that no moisture is released as the food cooks. The best microwave steamer for your food that enjoys the advantages of fast cooking times while sealing in the natural juices, fashioned to cook with a steady heat dispersal to retain vitamins, perfect for healthy food.

Steaming in the microwave is another way to steam food. Microwave steamers are not expensive and they are available in grocery stores and online. Using a specialized vegetable steamer is the most convenient and effective way to steam your food or vegetables.

Microwave Steamer

microwave steamer

Multifunction microwave steaming Rack Layered Dish Tray Double-insulated Bowls Storage shelf Tray Kitchen Pot Pad; is a good helper of your kitchen, it is time-saving and also power-saving. You don’t have to worry about waiting for so long to steam your lunch. Also as the storage rack, you can store foods in your refrigerator, space-saving or on your desktop. The rack feet are foldable, have a nonslip line and its heat resistance is from 20 to 120degrees. This product comes in different colours plus it is easy to use and clean. Remember that steaming is a bit dangerous, do not forget to keep the lid away from your face and hands when opening the lid, and do not look directly into the pot immediately after you remove the lid.

Types of Steamers

There are a few different materials used to manufacture microwave steamers. The most popular materials are plastic and silicone, plastic steamers are hard and easy to transfer rather than silicone steamers which are flexible and require careful handling to prevent water spills and steams burns. Polycarbonate microwave steamers are not all that popular but ceramic are. Ceramic microwave is often used for manufacturing bottom bowls or insert, lids are often made of silicone. Steamed food can be served directly from a ceramic bowl.

Microwave Steamer

microwave steamer

Like all other steamers, microwave steamer can steam rice, vegetable or fish. Most of the microwave steamers are made of plastic and have the cake shape. Because they are used inside the microwave, they steam food quickly and timing can be easily regulated.

  • Steamer basket; these are the least sophisticated; you can use stainless steel food steamer basket and fit it into any vessel. Ensure that the water does not come in contact with food. With this method, however, you’ll be required to set a time or keep checking your food because it can easily overcook.
  • Electric steamer; the electric steamer is perfect for modern homes, the steaming timing can be regulated with just the touch of a button. They come with removable bowls and pots that allow them to hold various food, they also have a warm function that keeps your food or vegetables warm before they are served.
  • Bamboo steamers; the main benefit of using a bamboo steamer is that you can steam your food with little water, you’ll equally enjoy the fact that you can be able to steam more than one food at the same time. The bamboo steamer has its own lid so you can place it in any cooking vessel.

Easy to clean

You also have to consider how long it will take you to clean you microwave steamer. The last thing you want is to spend ages at the sink just for a steamer. And also you don’t want the embarrassment that comes with kitchen utensils that are not well clean.


Even with the best steamer in the world, it is likely easy for it to overcook food, if you don’t set the right time, you may still lose nutrients from your food. That is why it is best to have the microwave steamer.

Steaming food in your microwave requires you to have the most efficient microwave steamer; the microwave steamer offers high efficiency as you can steam your favourite vegetables in just a few minutes.  It is a great microwave steamer that features a strong and durable plastic. It can also work as a food storage container where you can use it to preserve food in the refrigerator, this product is food-safe, non-toxic and free where you can easily empty your food and clean in the dishwasher.

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Microwave Steamer

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