New 1pcs 5 Cavity Waffles Silicone Bakeware

Nothing is more delicious than a crunchy, crispy, tender waffle. But this is one item that you simply can’t make without a special piece of equipment, a waffle maker. A good one will churn out perfect waffle after perfect waffle until the whole crew is served. A good waffle maker is a staple of any home, whether you like to start the day with waffles for breakfast covered in the most delicious toppings and combined with a super healthy smoothie or even after dinner for you to enjoy some much-deserved desserts.

The best waffle maker can now duplicate and often exceeding the waffles you have found at your favourite breakfast spot in town and all without spending as much money to buy them. Making fast and fluffy waffles have never been more fun and more filling to keep you charged through to lunchtime or to chill out and relax after dinner. Waffles are just too delicious to relegate to brunch. For the price of a few orders of restaurant waffles, you can make your own at home and customize them in any way you like. If you are considering purchasing a waffle maker then this review is your one-stop-shop for everything you need to know during the buying process.

Product Description

Waffle Mould

This silicone waffle mould makes baked waffles in an attractive pattern. If you are in love with waffles, rather than buy an expensive and bulky waffle maker I suggest you try this out, it is perfect silicone mould for making waffles for breakfast. Silicone waffle mould is great for baking, pop out easily and non-stick, nice bakeware and good quality, durable. Waffle mould is made of Food Grade Silicone, Healthy, and Eco-friendly.

Easy to Use and Clean

Waffle mould tool is very easy to use, easy to remove the mixture, baking waffle comes out easily and it is easy to clean, dishwasher safe perfect for Slimming World Waffles

Make a sweet or savoury waffle batter and decorate the waffles in your favourite way. It is an excellent waffle tray for slimming world waffle; you can use this silicone mould for a range of purpose, not just waffles. Think of anything you would use a baking case for, like biscuits and thus will work well.

Evenly Bake Waffles

Great heart shape waffle mould withstands oven temperatures, bake evenly. Suitable for microwaves, oven and freezer, mould fit perfectly in the oven. Makes savoury or sweet waffle batter and decorate the waffles in your favourite way package. Cavity waffles mould, soft, flexible and you can make 5 reasonable sized waffles in it.

Features you consider before Buying Waffle Maker

Waffles Mould

Non-stick Plate

This is very important, not only does it ensure that the waffles come out looking aesthetically pleasing, but it also goes a long way to make the cleaning process as easy as possible. So, for all-round convenience stick to non-stick.

 Numbers of Waffles

Each device has its own capacity when it comes to the number of waffles it made. Obviously, a family of five would need more waffles than an individual who lives alone. It is very important to keep this mind before getting one.

Easy to Clean

Any appliance that is difficult to clean will make you reluctant to often use it. Nonstick surface is a must significantly reducing the amount of hassle involved with making waffles out of the waffle iron, ensuring that waffles come out unbroken, reducing the amount of oil you need to use and making it easier to keep your waffle maker clean. You always should use plastic tongs or chopsticks to remove your waffles to avoid scratching your nonstick surface, because scratches cause batter to stick and make cleanup more difficult. Some models feature removable, dishwasher safe plates to speed cleanup. As delicious as waffles are, no one wants to be stuck in a battle with batter. So it is important to look out for non-stick coated options. Waffle makers with removable parts also make it a lot easier to get all parts super clean.


Waffle maker varies widely in how quickly they heat up and how quickly they cook waffles. Some require an amount of reheat time between batches while some allow for continuous cooking. Evaluate how many waffles you will make each time and how much time you are able to spend making them before you finalize your purchase. If you are making waffles for crowd you will want to find a waffle maker that churns out multiple waffles at a time or one that quickly and continuously cooks thin style waffles.


No one wants a machine that will break down after a few uses, hence you need to look out for a sturdy piece of equipment. Finding out more about the materials used to make it goes a long way to know more on that front.

Easy to Store

Since a waffle maker is a single purpose cooking item that you probably won’t be using every day, you want to find one that suits your storage space and needs. Some come with cord winders or built-in cords storage to avoid tangles, others having locking mechanisms and other ability to easily and securely tuck them away vertically or horizontally. No matter which style or size you choose, always measure your shelf space to be sure the model you choose will fit in. Everyone is quite keen on economizing space and for that reason, it is important to aim for something compact. This way it can stow away till when you are ready to make use of it again.


Waffle Mould

Looking to up your game or do something different with this sore storeroom staples? A waffle maker could become your new best friend. Perfectly crisp on the outside, waffles are splendidly versatile. Serve them sweet or savoury, for breakfast, brunch, dinner, dessert or even as a cheeky snack whenever you fancy.

There is no question that having a single function appliance like a waffle maker is a luxury, but you do not need to spend an arm and a leg to get a great product. For the price of a few orders of waffles in a restaurant, you can make delicious home-made waffles and customize them to your taste. Though you are not more advocates with using single appliances, you will make an exception for a waffle maker, at a reasonable price point that easily pays for itself after a few uses. They provide a fun homemade brunch or breakfast experience that makes them well worth space they take up, it is fun to find creative ways to use yours with cookie dough, cornbread batter or even hash browns. It is important to carefully evaluate your needs and budget before making a purchase and always read waffle maker reviews to help with your decision.

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