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Are you looking for a brand-new blender that packs in plenty of power and features? Ninja blenders are known for their outstanding performance, usability and features and they have been specially designed to meet a wide range of needs. One of the main things that make Ninja blenders so popular is the fact that they are extremely durable. There are a whole host of different models of Ninja blenders to choose from, once you’ve selected your favourite model, you can be sure that it will stay with you for many years, these blenders typically need very little maintenance to keep them in top form.

There are many appliances that you can use in the kitchen but one crucial appliance that most kitchens have is a blender. Without any doubt, blenders have become the need of the hour. Ninja has been in the front line producing some of the best versatile appliances for your kitchen. Talking of versatile, the best Ninja blenders can make a variety of drinks ranging from smoothies, shakes and purees. So, you are considering purchasing a professional Ninja blender but do not know which model is worth the cost and reliable enough to be safely used in your kitchen. If you are a night owl, you may have seen information from the Ninja kitchen. Ninja blenders are made by a company dedicated to small household appliances and its tagline says it all “power to the kitchen.” This blender is a countertop blender but can also be used as a personal blender. It is not only a blender but also comes with attachment to knead dough and make cookies.

Maintain your health is crucial and all starts in the kitchen. Through food, you can easily add beneficial nutrients to your diet, no matter what your health or fitness goals may be, whether you want to bulk up, lose weight or just prioritize health, it all begins with food. Perhaps the most efficient way to add a variety of nutrients to your diet is through smoothies; you can combine different fruits, vegetables or even seeds with liquid to make an exceedingly nourishing beverage condensing a huge amount of essential vitamins into a snack sized portion. You will need a blender for blending. Blenders utilize a motor and blade to blend solids together to create a drinkable beverage.

Product Description

Ninja blender

The Ninja kitchen system pulse gives you the power and convenience to live a healthy lifestyle by combining Ninja Total Crushing technology with Nutrient Ninja cups, a processor bowl and easy to use attachments for all your kitchen needs. With 550watts of power, pulse technology provides consistent evenly processed and blended ingredients every time. Crush ice into snow, blend delicious drinks, process fresh ingredients evenly, juice whole fruits and vegetables and knead dough. Total crushing technology delivers unbeatable professional power with blades that pulverize and crush through ice, whole fruits and vegetables in seconds.  This ninja food processor handles all your blending and dough making needs. With the high-quality stainless steel blades crush ice and frozen fruit in seconds. The dough hook allows you to effortlessly mix pizza and bread dough, while the dough paddle is perfect for making delicious cookie dough. Nutrient and vitamin extraction provides a better tasting more nutritious kind of beverage.

Best Guide

  • Always keep the lid on your blender when blending otherwise; the contents may splatter out making a huge mess of your kitchen. Make sure your lid is secured tightly whenever the blender is powered on. When blending hot foods, steam will build up which could blow the lid off, it is important to release the steam when the blender is off. Always hold down the lid with your hands to help it stay on when blending.
  • Keep noise in mind when choosing a blender, especially if you need to avoid disturbing your household when blending. Making an early morning smoothie is a wonderful idea for your health but your sleeping family may not appreciate it.
  • Make sure your blender gets squeaky clean between uses to avoid mold or debris build-up that prevent your machine from working smoothly.
  • Blenders usually come with maintenance instructions but there is an easy cleaning hack many pamphlets leave out; fill your blender with warm water halfway and add few drops of liquid soap and blend, this will help clean all those hard to reach spots in and around the blade.
  • Not all models can handle the heat, before you make hot soup in your blender be sure the machine is equipped for it. If you want to make hot foods in your blender, look for ones with a vented lid that allows steam to escape and read the product’s instruction s before use.
  • The Ninja kitchen system pulse is easy to operate. It does not come with any buttons or controls, it only has a pulse mechanism and for that you either needs to push on the large bowl handle to pulse it or you need to push on the personal jars directly.

Ninja system pulse


Ninja has spared no expense in advertising and it’s worked in its favour, this is a well-known, popular brand with many options. Ninja has a wide range of models across the spectrum of budgets. Based on your needs you should be able to find one that will fit within your lifestyle and available funds.


Models range in size from ultra-compact personal blenders to large footprint family-size blenders. Be mindful of your storage space availability when choosing a blender. Additionally, you will want to consider pitcher size and if you need a large one for the family or just a personal-size container for the quick smoothie or shake on the go. You may also want to pay extra attention to how many cups come with a personal blender.


Certain blenders have additional attachments that give it the versatility of a food processor, if you do not have much room to store a model of this size, determine if it will allow you to discard another appliance in your kitchen as well. Having a good idea of exactly how you need to use it will help you narrow down your choices.


As always, you do not want to spend much time cleaning, the easier an appliance is to clean the more drawn to it you will be. As mentioned, be careful about putting plastic pitchers in the dishwasher as some will hold up well while others may warp.

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