Scoop Colander Nylon Spoon Strainer Kitchen Tool

This simple kitchen utensil allows you to scoop, drain and serve food straight from a hot pan or baking tray. As well as silicone handles, this large version incorporates small pan hooks on the underside of the tool head that allow you to conveniently rest it on the side of a pan as it drains. Dishwasher safe.

A colander is an important item in any kitchen and allows you to complete a number of culinary tasks. Be it a spoon colander it is an essential utensil when it comes to making pasta or rice. Colanders are mostly made of light metals like aluminum and stainless steel; however, some models are made from hard plastic or enamel.

Product Description


Scoop Colander spoon

Scoop Colander Nylon Spoon Strainer Kitchen Tool made of the best quality materials, this professional strainer saves you time and keeps you safe. This scoop has the capacity of a colander combined with the functionality of a slotted spoon; with it you can easily transfer the most delicate food out of hot oil or water onto a plate or serving dish. Brand new and high quality scoop and drain directly from pan, easy to washing and cleaning. Ideal for straining pasta vegetables and fried food, work great with non-stick cookware and its smooth nylon surface will not damage your non-stick cookware.

The handle is detailed with a convenient hanging hole for easy storage. Works for both hot and cold foods; heat resistant 200C to 392F. The long handle keeps your food far from the hot water or oil. The mesh holes are the perfect size to enable quick draining and keep the foods in the basket.

High Quality

Made of thick and durable heat resistant nylon; this professional scoop colander nylon spoon strainer works for both hot and cold foods and also fried foods. Use it instead of your kitchen colander to strain pasta, vegetables, roasted or boiled potatoes and even more.

Heat Capacity

The whole idea of a good strainer is the ability to withstand heat and high temperatures as you cook. You need to check out the quality of the strainer so that you can get one that is able to withstand high temperatures. To ensure you get a quality colander nylon spoon, you should buy from reputable brand like TripleClicks.

Perfect Size Just for You

Larger than a slotted spoon; this skimmer saves you time and more importantly keeps you safe. Just scoop your spaghetti, lasagna noodles, boiled eggs, and even the most delicate foods. Long handle protects your hand from splashes, will not transfer heat like metal scoops. Mesh holes are just the perfect size you need to enable quick draining and hold on to the food.

Scoop Colander Spoon

Time Saver

Save a step; just scoop your food out of the pot or frying into your serving bowl with no need of pouring it into a colander before serving. For cleanup, just put it in the dishwasher or quickly wash up by hand. Lifting or pouring a large pot full of hot boiling water and pasta is very dangerous, keep the heavy pot on a solid surface and use this scoop colander to safely serve the hottest foods. You can also lower eggs safely into boiling water keeping yourself and your family safe.

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