Silicone Heat Resistant Gloves (2 pcs)

Silicone heat resistant glove

Preventing your hands from getting burnt is very important. This is the reason why everyone associated with hot stuff like cooking requires finding the heat resistant gloves to fully protect the hands from getting burnt. Excess heat is dangerous to the body; therefore there is a need for protection gears while cooking in your kitchen. Sometimes your day can be ruined by either a hot plate or fire and such incidences have to be stopped. Different method have been use to counter this problems, some have succeeded while some have failed.

The protective gloves are considered as the best solutions if you need to deal with hot pots, foods, pizza stones, pans and grill gates regularly. They are used for frying, grilling, handling hot plate and also when cooking. If you love barbecues and you often make them yourself, you can consider investing in the best silicone heat resistant gloves, wearing one can make a lot difference in your overall safety. Whether you need to stir the coals, adjust the logs in the flame, pick brisket from the flames using your hands or to move hot pans and grates, the best silicone gloves that you can trust can make your experience even more convenient. It can make the whole experience enjoyable since you are guaranteed of hand safety.

Most of us learnt at our young age that fire isn’t safe but then we all see our Mums and some of us our Dads trying to position the hot pots or meat over a molten hot grill without any protection. With this method, at best you are forced to perform fast imprecise movement to avoid getting burned, at worst you burn a few fingers and are reminded of your recklessness every few keystrokes as you type up a guide to silicone gloves. I may or may not have personal experience with this, but wouldn’t it just be easier to have a good pair of the silicone heat resistant gloves on your hands to improve your personal experience of how safe it can be?

Product description

Silicon heat resistant glove

The silicone heat resistant gloves are an ideal cooking tool for every household. Whether you are a professional chef, a grilling enthusiast or a beginner in the kitchen it is important to keep your fingers safe while you are preparing your food. The silicone heat resistant cooking gloves are an adorable pair of kitchen partner; it is very helpful in making kitchen work really fast and safe. Most at times when we are in a hurry, we clumsily hold utensils and cooking pots that are hot and end up burning our hands. We can easily avoid this by using the silicone heat resistant cooking gloves as our hands protector.

The silicone heat resistant gloves are superior to regular oven mitts because it will allow you to have total control of the items you will be grabbing. The gloves are one size fits all, allowing your entire family to enjoy this kitchen gadget. Protect your hands and wrists with this silicone heat resistant glove! The package includes 1 pair 2pcs of silicone heat resistant gloves, FDA Approved and BPA Free.

Extremely Easy to Clean

Just run these BBQ mitts under warm water or put them into the dishwasher. Your silicone gloves will remain clean and stain proof for many years to come.

What are they for:

  • Remove hot foods from the oven, microwave, pots and the grill.
  • Prepare pulled pork.
  • Snow and ice removal.
  • Tend the fireplace.
  • Work in the garden.
  • Grab cold drinks and food from the ice chest or freezer.
  • Scrape snow and ice
  • Open lids with ease.
  • Remove light bulbs
  • Turn over your BBQ meat by hand without getting burned.

Heat Resistant

This silicone gloves have been rigorously tested to safely withstand intense heat of up to 425 degrees. It is anti-skid anything you hold is assured not to slip, and it is also heat resistant, the most important feature, you won’t have to get your hands burned which we all know is common when cooking.

Strong and Durable

You can be assured that these adorable gloves are really strong and will not break easily, you can use it for a very long time.

Complete Hand and Wrist Protection

Maximum protection of your fingers, hands and wrist against intense heat from cooking, smoking, baking or barbecuing, grab your cast iron griddle, crock pots, stone pots, roasting pans, hot covers and oven racks with no fear of getting burned. Great for holding tongs in hot situations!

Ultimate Control

These are the best and most versatile gloves on the market, providing you with superior gripping confidence and waterproof qualities while offering a high level of heat resistance.


These silicone heat resistant gloves are great for grilling, camping, smoking, and even cooking. While wearing these gloves you can touch all of your foods that are on the grill without any fear of getting burned. Baked potatoes and roasted corn can be picked up with these gloves without any burns, even meats can be turned by hand using these adorable gloves. You are protected up to 425 degrees.

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Silicone heat resistant glove

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