Stainless Steel Finger Protection Tool

Finger protection tool

Guard and protect your fingers from sharp knives when chopping vegetables, fruits and meat. Prepare food quickly and easily with the protection of this finger guard. The finger guard will keep your fingers safely protected from the razor-sharp knife edge with the high-quality stainless steel curved surface. Your knife will glide smoothly and quickly against the guard surface allowing you to quickly prepare your meals. You won’t have to fear your quick knife skills when you have the safety of this finger guard. Finger guard perfect for dicing and slicing in kitchens.

Are you a cooking enthusiast who always spends a lot of time in the kitchen for various delicious foods? Just do the gels nail? Worrying about the cooking process? May scratch and cut your nails or fingers? Now, stop all of your caring details! With the new stainless steel, finger protection tool is here and looking forward to accompanying your tasty cooking time. Just enjoy your cooking entertainment without any fear for your tremendously slender tender fingers. The quality is excellent, stainless steel and it’s easy to use, protects your fingers when you cut vegetables or anything in the kitchen.

Main features

Protect your fingers when you are cutting vegetables, stainless steel safety protection device. Humanized design, adjustable size, and high-quality stainless steel material, convenient and practical, high quality and practical, perfect gift, the best kitchen helper.

Finger protection tool

Slice Quickly

With this kitchen tool, finger protector will secure your fingers behind the strength of stainless steel so you won’t have to fear the razor-sharp knife edge. Quality steel won’t rust, tarnish or damage even with persistent use. Keep within easy reach and store on your magnetic knife holder with your quality knives. Protect your hand safely when you are chopping vegetables in the kitchen, can be adjusted according to fingers, very much stable and secure, easy to use and clean and dishwasher safe, a perfect addition to your kitchen.

Adjustable Finger Loop

Stainless steel finger guard will fit any finger size and is suitable for either your left hand or right handed use. This stylish and comfortable finger guard has been designed with smooth curves so it is comfortable to use. Suitable for most fingers, can be adjusted according to your finger size, snap open to put your fingers in and snap to close to fit your fingers, adjust the suitable size to fit your fingers.


This finger protector is made of high-quality premium stainless steel and you can adjust the size by pliers to fit your own fingers, with this handy tool you don’t need to worry about cutting your finger any more, maximizing efficiency and minimizing risk in the kitchen. The finger guard will keep your fingers safe and hidden from razor-sharp knives. Best gift for family, wives and chefs.  Finger guard protector tool

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