The Perfect Egg cooker Review

Spending all your time peeling your hard-boiled eggs when you just want to eat them while they are hot, well that is now a thing of the past. Eggs are a cooking staple because they are inexpensive, versatile and flat-out good for you, but it is kind of annoying to keep tabs on the pot until they are boiled.

Introducing the perfect hard-boiled egg cooker without the shell, pods make cooking eggs easier than ever before, crack the eggs into the pods, boil them and pop them out.  Use caution when handling the product as it will be hot when boiling the eggs, it is recommended to use tong sand or oven mitts to remove from boiling water, for optimal results, lightly spray on each cup cooking spray or coat with any cooking oil. Are you one of the million people who enjoy freshly cooked eggs in the morning? Sometimes creating the perfect egg dishes can be a bit of a challenge. Fortunately, egg cookers have been created to make this task almost effortless.


Easy to make soft, medium, hard-boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, mini omelettes, salads, egg benedicts and more. Package includes; 6PCS egg boiler plus 1PCS egg separator. Made from high-quality durable and safe food PP and are FDA approved. Unbreakable and eco-friendly, free BPA, PVC, Lead, Phthalate and other toxins, refrigerator and freezer safe.

Fits for Any Pot

Egg boiler fits perfectly in any pot, no need to worry about the size of the pot. Detachable and handy you can pit 1 to 6PCS of egg boiler in the pot as your need.

Fast cooking

Make your ideal boiled egg, 4 to 6 minutes for soft to medium boiled and up to 14 minutes for hard-boiled, heats rapidly to save time which keeps fresh and nutritious by heating evenly, includes complete instructions on how to use, cook small yummy egg dishes without a mess in the kitchen, dishwasher safe.

Key Features

  • 100 per cent brand new and high-quality.
  • Easy to make soft or hard-boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, mini omelette, eggs benedicts and even more.
  • Flexible silicone cooking tool, perfect for poaching eggs, baking and moulding floats in water during cooking, poach it, bake it or mould it, this is one very handy tool to have in any kitchen. Silicone material.
  • Not intended to be used in microwaves.

Egg cooker guide


Number of eggs

Even if you will be using a few eggs at a time, you might want to make a double batch so you won’t have to cook later. On the other, hard-boiled eggs spoil faster than raw ones, so if you are not going to use large quantities, a more compact cooker might be your best bet.


Many egg cookers have very simple controls; however, certain models are slightly more complex with lights or audible alerts to help you monitor the cooking progress. While most electric egg cookers can also make omelettes as well, if you only want to cook eggs in their shells there is no need to pay for options you won’t use.


The best egg cookers should be able to create various egg dishes. While most models excel at soft and hard-boiled eggs, others do much more. People who enjoy different types of eggs should look for a model with an omelette tray and a poached egg option.


One of the great thing about modern egg cooker is that they can cook multiple eggs at the same time, people who live alone are likely to be satisfied with a model that can cook just a few eggs. However, large families should search for a high capacity cooker.


Egg cookers are typically made of plastic, stainless steel, silicone, aluminium or a combination of these materials. The lid of the model is usually made of plastic while the base boasts a heat-conducting material. The main advantage of making the lid from plastic is that it is light, doesn’t become very hot and is transparent. However, egg cookers that are made from plastic tend to look a little cheap while they are not especially durable.


Generally, the size of egg cookers is roughly the same altogether, although some are more portable than others. The style of the model does not really affect performance, it will help to enhance user satisfaction, and some models come in a range of cool colours that can be matched to the rest of the kitchen.

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