What makes a good caterer

Just like any other business, catering has the combination of training, hard work and accurate skills to be successful. Although there is something in common with being a chef and a caterer, but catering is faced with a lot of challenges. Caterers have to deal with matters like marketing, accounting and relationships with customers including quality of food you present.

Online directors like cookery training, features a variety of courses that are generally fit for people that are interested in entering this great competitive business. Getting a way to stand out and integral sound business canny with an inspiration in cooking, is a big challenge. Nevertheless, a determine caterer that wants to be successful proceed no matter the challenges ahead.

Attributes of good caterering


Food safety

Good drinks

Customer service

Creativity and Flexibility


Be a Motivation

Financial planner

Business Management

Market your business

Attend to detail


As we all know catering is all about baking and cooking. Word of mouth recommendation is the best way to determine who has the best menus. No matter how beautifully decorated a venue is and how the sitting of a place is carefully arrange, clients will not come back if the food is bad. You will need enough cooking experience to plan menus, making recipes replacement, safely prepare your menus, reheat them and also plan on how to transport a large about of food to your venue.

Food Safety

A good caterer and their staff members should be mindful and agree with the most up to date food safety laws in their various community or state. The food and Drug administration are in charge of food safety all over the world and the foodsafety.gov allows you to locate your state agency.

You have to make sure that your food won’t get contaminated. It is important that when hiring a caterer that can transport your food to the venue, make sure you hire a caterer that is free of violation.

Good Drinks

Just as food is important in an event, so also a good quality drink is. No perfect meal is complete without the right drink to wash it down. Be a caterer that doesn’t just provide any random drink, but one who provides the quality drinks.

Customer Service

Caterers work diligently with clients to create menus. Being thoughtful, sensitive and diplomatic is always necessary. You will need to convince your client to substitute ingredient or to change some dish. To pleas your customer is the best endorsement to a successful caterer.

Flexibility and Creativity

Food recipes  needs to be modify to withstand food intolerance, cooking methods have to be altered to be suitable for religious requirement or personal preference, you’ll want a caterer who will be able to help you plan a unique and memorable event.

A creative and adaptable person can be able to triumph and still gain the confidence of their client in process. Get a staff that will be able to come up with the best ideas for your event to be a stand out.


As a caterer, you have to manage a staff of cookers, cleaners, dishwashers and servers, while you still ensure your team are conscious of their timetable, serving habit, place setting and food safety guide. It is also important to provide directions and advice your customers.

Be a Motivation

Caterers must be zealous and forward looking to promote themselves and bring business to their door steps. During the most busiest time in the year, you’ll have work extra time to achieve success, which will requires endurance. Is important for you to motivate yourself and your staff during those moments when business is low so you don’t get discourage.

Financial Planner

There’s always busy seasons and down seasons. It will be great to fill the calendar but you have to be able to balance the funds and offer work on a fair basis in order to keep good staff. There is time in the year when it gets all tricky, looking for another way to generating income to give staff members takes financial planning and investment and creative marketing.

Business Management

There is more to it than just cooking or baking when it involves catering. Catering service has to be profitable, the administrative goal with catering deals with pricing service, ordering food, accounting, taxes, organizing guide,  budgets and managing employees.

Market your Business

Your food can be extremely delicious, but without proper marketing and letting people know about you and what you are into. You will not get that calls and orders you’re working for. Allowing your business to be noticed is important in catering and a good network contact is essential.

You have to establish a liaise with florists, event planners, venue organizers and variety of other service that it takes to get hold of at a large event, this will also acts as your network of referrals.

Attend to Details

A caterer can also get involve in décor, food presentation and table arrangements.  Setting up and cleaning the dinning table, all is under a caterer tasks.  Here is when you have to impress your client and their guests who you can regard as your potential clients.

Taking time to study catering as a field you want to go in and learn about it common challenges can make a difference between choosing to fail or success. If you love baking or cooking , then catering is the best place to display your talent.

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